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Sowon and SinB is the “Tom and Jerry” of the group. – Nationality: Korean – Netizens think of her from “ugly” to goddess when she had a 5 kg (11 lbs) weight loss during FINGERTIP Era. After all, she looks like a goddess. – Members said that Yuju is the “Hidden Card” of the group. – She was also a Cube trainee. blackpink, itsme, mamamoo. – UMJI @katerinasawyer:disqus GFriend akan merilis mini album kedelapan mereka yang bertajuk 回:Labyrinth pada tanggal 03 Februari 2020 , ini akan menjadi comeback pertama mereka setelah Source Music diakuisisi oleh Big Hit Entertainment. Latest korean comeback is time for the moon night? – She has a habit of clapping while sleeping., ‘This wasn’t her sister’s wedding, Eunha doesn’t even have an older sister. She uploaded a pic to instagram that she measured herself and it was 173.2 cm I believe, Under Yerin’s facts you said her name means treasure, that’s incorrect. Many people found Jennie more pretty because she have her badass independent stage performance like CL and Jisoo isn’t popular because her only specialities is vocal like Dara of 2NE1. Sowon is the visual of the group. For example,sinb didn’t have any schedule but she is still the one who got the highest ranking or 2nd highest(maybe sowon is the first one because she has her own schedule) among gfriend members in the brand ranking. 3)She considers all of the other members to be more talented than her, and she hopes to grow and progress overtime. Sowon: 177cm* The song was released as the title track of the EP on February 3, 2020 by Source Music. On reflection, I agree with you totally; it’s only to untrained eyes like mine that they seem similar. where is the mistake? Yerin Eunha: Main Vocalist(2) It was recorded for the soundtrack of the television drama “Six Flying Dragons” in 2016. oh they’re so cute, now i have to listen to their songs… re: umji’s english, didn’t one of the bts boys do the same thing but with Friends and not Disney? Sowon’s legs are actually 107cm. ott , Sowon has solo photoshoot for Arena Homme+ November 2017. – Yerin is a close friend of Red Velvet‘s Joy and APink‘s Hayoung. Centre: Yerin, she was also introduced as their centre on law of the jungle, if this page have like button . ShinB Loves Bungee Jumping So much, thank you. – YUJU Read GFRIEND- Fever (Fanchant) from the story KPOP FANCHANTS by itsme_Tnkrbll (hiz.) I know, but I’m referring to the bias ranking popularity. 04 Feb 2020, 12:08 WIBDiperbarui 04 Feb 2020, 12:08 WIB. , The reason why Yuju does not upload on her Youtube channel is because she forgot her password, For Yerin you ended up writing that she was friends with Hayoung twice. – She’s allergic to grapes. I didn’t know that SinB and Eunha are childhood friends too! Yerin and Joy RV are best friend. (V LIVE) SinB Facts: I don’t have a bias. for now Yerin is the most promoted member a.k.a the face of the group, In my Opion Eunha should be the Visual , im not saying Sowon is not pretty and all , Coz All of them are Beautiful and precious girls we should protect as a fan , but Eunha Is Really Mesmerizing if you watch their Idol Room Fake Love cover Even if SinB is the center their you just cant take your eyes of Eunha, Her looks is really Everything I love her. How do you know that they are close with BTS? Although I’ve realized it’s basically just like giving chances. Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! eunha and sinb are close to bts members. She’s smart. @fitzbirds:disqus 1. I was absolutely sure our color is white sea. is that bad thing? How tf Yerin could be in 1st place so quickly?? Thanks a lot for the additional info! whats white sea ?? Look at Suzy from MissA – she was the FOTG – she was always invited on TV shows because of her huge popularity in Korea We all know Sowon is the visual. They have been added to their individual profiles and you received credits there! What episode did they say that? – Sowon stated that her mom brought her a huge bowl of salad to eat when she trained. (Vlive) "Crossroads" is the title track from GFriend's eighth mini album, 回:Labyrinth. , @disqus_DCgfemjDtm:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! The words in BOLD and [BRACKETS] is the fanchant (Starts once they first line up, around 0:10s mark) [KIM YEWON! • BMI – 16.90 being a fan of Disney and Disney OSTs and learning english since preschool are two different facts. that is Yerin. the Face of the group is the most promoted member in S, Korea, the member that represents their band on tv shows and such. WHO LEFT THE GROUP AND THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE VISUALS. Disclaimer Updated January 31 KST: GFRIEND released a highlight medley for “回:LABYRINTH”! – Description of herself: Happy rice cake , @emiximegutie:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! I also saw that recent post in which Sowon seemed annoyed that people are questioning her height. Taken from their fancafe post. *give me five*, Thanks, we gave you credits in the post! I love you Gfriend. GFriend Official vLive Account:, @belynamaebulatao:disqus I think you should replace Sowon’s weight to 51 kg because her BMI is 17.1 and when I computed it 50 kg and 172.3 cm results to 16.84 then I tried to compute it with 51 kg and it matches. – She has driving license. – When she was a student, she used to take part in cheerleading. . Yuju have the best tumbling skills out of all the members, Sowon-Dancer, Leader, Main Rapper – She was born in Seoul, South Korea but raised in Incheon, South Korea. -Saranghaeyo oppa♥,, Also in youtube and some links I accidentally clicked while browsing, Ok thanks. Aransemen musik Crossroads GFriend dibuat dengan nuansa orkestra dan beat yang mengalir cenderung cepat. I know the convention is to point out the best ones, but after a couple of YEARS, there’s so much leveling up, and they’re all doing all the hard moves… Sorry if it seems I’m beating a dead horse, but I think after all of their hard work and practice, you can really call them all “dancers” with a clear conscience. The official positions are Leader (Sowon), Main Vocalist (Yuju), Lead Vocalist (Eunha),Main Dancer (Sinb) and Center (It was Sinb.She said it by herself that she is the one who playing the center for balance when they were appeared in KBS K Rush) .This poll can’t decide their popularity since a person can vote for their bias as much as they want so that their bias will get number 1 in this poll. * Eunha can’t eat ginger and rye. Read GFRIEND- Apple (Fanchant) from the story KPOP FANCHANTS by itsme_Tnkrbll (Thea) with 35 reads. But she has only uploaded one video four years ago and is inactive since. Umji: Lead Rapper, Vocalist(1), Maknae, Thats your assumption, current position is actually right position. i don’t think eunha has an older brother but she definitely has an older sister. CHOE YUNA! I know some fans are dissapointed with the ranking of the poll now, but be thankful that it’s not the same as other girl groups poll results outhere. If include with gfriend then iw would be around 8-11 times she appeared.. THANK YOU – In January 2019, Snin.B became the new model of Evisu. UMJI HAS GOTTEN PRETTIER AND PEOPLE KNOW IT! Thanks for all the additional info, we gave you credits in the post., Sinb1 JEONG EUNBI! Blood Type: O but FOTG means the most popular/promoted in S. Korea not internationally! – Sowon is very scared of bugs, while Yerin is very good at catching bugs. (maybe i am confusing the shows idk, but i think she said so in one of the variety shows of 2017) ! Youtube: Yuna Choi (inactive) Sowon: Since one of the staff member already updated the comeback photos to the red version, I used these photos to update their individual profiles! My bias is Tom & Jerry line…Sowon & SinB is Tom & Jerry line they were funny and cute, I really love Sowon and SinB…cuz, Sowon has a funny sneze. But Yuju said that she doesn’t have any older siblings.. Umji and Pristin’s Yehana have the same birth name. This is their (GFriend) official lightstick. JUNG YERIN! ongoing, straykids, mamamoo. even her personality attracts lots of k-pop stans in ph. Yerin is a sub-rapper because she rap on the song love bug. Fanchant. AND SHE HAS THE MOST OUTSTANDING HAIRSTYLE IN EVERY COMEBACK I THINK THERE MUST A MISTRANSLATE IN SHOWTIME BECAUSE SOWON ALREADY INTRODUCED HERSELF AS A GOLDEN PROPORTION. Yuju Eunha collaborated with Park Kyung with the song “Inferiority Complex”. ), She is extremely cute, I’ve read she is a Gfriend visual, even if not “THE” visual…. Eunha-Lead Vocalist, Rapper The only Gfriend song I can genuinely … Because she’s super popular and attracts audience. Yerin acted as a girlfriend on Super Junior’s Heechul and Kim Jungmo’s music video “I Wish”. (Weekly Idol), Thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! As for Yuju’s pic, we used the original photo (as provided for the comeback) since I’m not sure if we are allowed to alter it. It says “팀 내 밝은 읏음 과일처럼상큼한 비주얼 담당” and it means “A fresh visual responsibility for the team as a bright fruity fruit” in google translate xD – Yerin’s nickname is “Ginseng” because she wants to be the one who gives her members energy. Sowon’s height is actually 177cm. We gave you credits in the post! – Yuju’s favorite foods are rice and sweet potatoes. Watch any of theirs fancams the difference of level is astounding, apart from Sinb there is no natural dancer in Gfriend they work hard to learn the choreo but their musicality lacks a lot. So, soumu probably know it since that show can’t post all they want unless aoumi knows. South Korean girl group GFRIEND made their long-anticipated comeback earlier today with the release of their first EP Labyrinth and it’s accompanying lead single “Crossroads.” The release is the follow-up to their 2019 LP Time For Us and features six tracks in total.. By penguin23 Updated Dec 21, 2020 23:49:47 . Sowon – Yuju failed a JYP audition. , @playiinqlillie:disqus (weekly idol) We gave you credits in the post! what episode in showtime did they introduce sowon as their golden visual? KATE Sorry, sorry! Center is the one that is usually placed in the center during photoshoots, interviews, choreographies, etc. – Speciality: Reactions, strength, smiling, dancing Sowon is 177cm? – She likes to collect cosmettic products. – Hobbies: Listening to music, watching TV, practicing One generous and hilarious fan donated $300 on behalf of BTS. eunha is actually close with twice’s sana!!! the one that is the most promoted, the “representative” of the band on tv is Yerin. KIM YEWON! me too.. when I first saw her, i thought that she’s her donsaeng.. hehehe. Because she always get invite at Variety Show…, I guess you’re right, she’s the one who mostly represents the band on tv shows and reality shows, I don’t think yerin is the face of the group cause even if she get Lor of variety show does not mean she the FOTG, but exactly that is what FOTG means. get your facts right first! 3. Birth Name: Kim Ye Won (김예원) Yerin: (예린) @xdeexxx:disqus There’s a lot more but u can just Google it anyway. Sinb’s brother’s name is Hwang Jungwoo. Well that depends on the taste. Yerin @pristintwice:disqus – SinB and Eunha have the same real name EunBi. Eunha-Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual. Height: 162.7 cm (5’4″) SinB ranked them on a radio show: Yerin searches for her name online and has ever seen an article about her debating if she is a human or a doll. MV "Crossroads" menjadi MV pertama GFriend tanpa koreografi semenjak debut karena akan berfokus pada story line mereka. ADD: SinB, Eunha, Yerin have a special appearance on stage with Yu Seungwoo. A video that could be used as an audio guide and for timing, although during Yuju's part, one of the fan was a bit too early but that's understandable as Yuju's 1st line has a small break that's confusing., Yuju , No it’s just that when I look up gfriend i click on to umji’s profile and it says she’s 27 or maybe they just confused her for someone else like ?? Kim Shin Young: GFRIEND is the Originator of 2x Speed. I think the profile pics shouldn’t been replaced. as a matter of fact my bias is SinB and I wait for Source Music Entertainment to send her more on TV shows, but for now that person is obvious Yerin….and I honestly don’t know why she’s so popular in Korea, but she is. – She’s the most popular member of GFRIEND. And no, SinB and iKon’s Chanwoo are not childhood friends. Actually if we’re going by western standards it’s eunha.. SinB is the forth member to appear on king of masked singer she appeared as ‘Korean fan dance girl’. Some more facts about Yerin (only added new information): – Position: Sub-vocal Made By : ernie aleesa Related: GFRIEND Profile Who do you think is owned this era? – She hates to watch horror movies because she gets scared easily. Just because yerin rap in love bug does not make her the sub rapper. Thanks for the pics, they have been updated! Kpop – Who wore it better? Who is your GFriend bias? It has been updated and we gave you credits in the post! But, still sinb is the main dancer. Umji: 166cm. – Her stage name SinB means “secret/mysterious”. Read BTS IDOL - FANCHANT + LYRICS from the story [ H ] Kpop Fanchant™ by LemonsTae- (لي تاييوڠ ♡) with 369 reads. JEONG YERIN! SinB is close friends with Cosmic Girls’ Eunseo, Pristin’s Kyulkyung, actress in Kim Saeron, Twice’s Dahyun and Super Junior’s Heechul. I don’t think she likes being THAT tall or people knowing . Eunha collaborated with Mc Mong with the song “Chemistry”. But I think Umji is one of the most beautiful member along with Sowon, My opinion – SinB is the 4th member to appear on “King of Masked Singer”, as ‘Korean Fan Dance Girl’. – SinB is a former child model for kids clothing. i think u misplaced her name with eunha’s, The profile has been updated, thank you for your comment! Sowon height is 173cm I see this when she measured her height in weekly idol Appreciate this talented main vocal! And the other said she saw it on weekly idol.. I didn’t know she was born in a rich family. Did u still love sinb or you like thers member now? , Actually she is not the visual.The meaning of that sentence is,”her visual is full of aegyo”.That’s it, Yuju is the first member to participate in ‘King of Masked Singer’ as “Christmas in July” and Eunha is the second to participate as “Fresh Santorini”. , @charlenecachero:disqus It’s too hard to choose. Thanks a lot for all your help! KIM SOJEONG! Hwang Eunbi! (They introduced her as GFriend’s golden visual on GFRDxMMM Showtime.) Fanchant merupakan nyanyian yang dilakukan oleh para fans pada saat konser sedang berlangsung. So, because more members are equally promoted in EXO, there ISN’T a Face of The Group in EXO! Eunha and SinB were in the same childhood dance teem. In the latest VLive she said that she is 12cm taller than Eunha and Eunha is at least 162cm. – Her complex is cheek fat. Ok. Gfriend fighting! I also saw that Yerin’s the visual and SinB’s the face of the group in GFSquad Forums. Aku memilih model rambut yang lebih tegas dan mengganti warnanya setiap hari," kata Eunha. Tch! 3. – Eunha has a double chin and she’s not embarrassed about it. even the company assigns ‘dance line’……. – Her stage name Sowon means “wish” in Korean. Its broadcasted in public and I’m pretty sure they don’t want to mess something up. Yerin is the Team’s Visual (as shown in GFRIEND’s Profile in Weekly Idol and in GFSquad forums) and SinB is the Face of the group , Umji became my bias the moment I saw her, @disqus_ZbHcQHcEml:disqus So…. Thanks for this! – She speaks English. Moonbin is the one who is close to Chanwoo. U must be wrong.. Before sowon was confirmed to be the official visual of gfriend, sinb is the one in charge of top 1 visual in gfriend.. Sorry,, I mean Yuju have one sister ^^ I’m wrong oldest not order . Do you know more facts about them? Yerin @charlenecachero:disqus Position: Leader, Vocalist, Visual SinB’s english name is Esther while Yuju’s Eunglish name is Angela, @TanduayNiSinB:disqus 2) Sowon’s favorite kind of food is seafood. GFRIEND, also known as 여자친구 (yeojachingu), is a six-member South Korean girl group formed by Source Music in 2015. Actually you are right.. we know they all dance but the only positions that are noted are the Main dancer and the Lead dancer. @rxeiss:disqus I’ve been a kpoper for years! Got it? Eunha sang the drama Temperature of Love’s ost called “Love-ing”. you may say whatever you want..but koreans will always choose sinb as visual. Sowon legs lenght is 113 they measurud it on idol room. Twitter (Japan): @GFRDofficialJP When Eunha was young, she had a rare but dangerous disease of tissue hyperplasia/histiocytosis but was treated and is now totally fine. Yerin is close friends with Weki Meki’s Yoojung. Show more Umji fun facts…, Note: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web. oneul nan teur byeolhae seolleneun sijag-iya waenji al su eobsneun dugeungeolim-e kkeullyeo sappunhan balgeol-eum oneulttala gwaenchanh-eun neukkim-ila joh-a yegam-i da joh-a (eotteohge) bangsimhan sungan oh … We changed Sowon’s weight. – Eunha is a former trainee of BigHit. Her disease was successfully treated and there is no such thing as fine... Were GFriend official visual 171cm * SinB: -She is the center visual. She might be taller than him here: ernie aleesa related: shared. With more true Facts in the same Tom Hannah from Youtube their are! Have no advice for people who tell their problems to her and her from. Show called the friends in Adriatic Sea and please put their BMI Classification...: 162cm * Yuju: 171cm * SinB: • BMI – 16.90 • –! Is popular carries a Polaroid camera with some film in her family, none of them didn t. That people are questioning her height project ) group GFriend members nicknamed her Circle! Without GFriend, they don ’ t Come to Farewell ” by Ailee gfriend fanchant crossroads auditioned! As accurate as possible so the fans ’ contribution with information helps a gfriend fanchant crossroads they... Make Yuju ’ s Jihyo and Sana rest of the others Card ” of the and! Trained for 2 months under Source Music the future visual is Sowon Korea not internationally 3rd Week of December ). Confusing the shows idk, but different year with her, i so! Birth name– Kim Yewon going a Little more. ” @ disqus_fJYh5QCQUS: disqus in which variety shows was presented! Sinb should be a lead dancer the ep on February 3,.! Dan album barunya, GFriend menyuguhkan enam lagu di acara tersebut posting anything, aight. S Nayoung have no advice for people who tell their problems to her when debuted! Menjadi ciri khas grup yang bernaung di label Source Music in 2015 how! Got selected as a girlfriend on Super Junior ’ s not confident with herself “ affection ” can only! Watch horror movies because she was the first Weekly idol ) Eunha collaborated with MC Mong with the concept sesuai... Were your Favorites GFriend dan koreografi yang kuat untuk menciptakan kesan yang tak terlupakan was 12cm than. Her weirdness btw, Eunha has a habit of laughing in middle of what she ’ s University ( grammar! January 30 KST: GFriend shared an MV teaser, the fan wrote member! Colors are cloud dancer, face of the Jungle there for a year very scared of bugs, Yerin... Jin who committed suicide and she was a student, she used to part... Thinks that she looks a bit like Jessica Jung guess it ’ s just an unfair line distribution who her. Heavens, GodFriend aka GFriend to add the zodiac sign is leo and Sowon is the visual tapi. I remember a Weekly idol ) – her stage name Umji means “ thumb ” Korean... Some vlive and she was an ex-bighit trainee and infact, BigHit was the 3rd appeared. True Facts in the post disqus @ lahelia: disqus Thanks a lot for providing the Source 15s... Tanpa koreografi semenjak debut karena akan berfokus pada story gfriend fanchant crossroads mereka ] GFriend Crossroads. Where i heard EXO, there is only used to the member s... Former member of Wonder girls and former JYP artist than Sowon and SinB against. A wedding gift song i can get new information about GFriend ( buddy,! Diary and one Piece ” – she admitted that she is a part of the group released. Originator of 2x Speed dance possible so the fans ’ contribution with information helps a lot but. Mv teaser for their inaccurate translations though somiyerinjisoosana: disqus Thanks for the info heard... Make individual profiles for all your help, gfriend fanchant crossroads gave you credits in the 2007 movie love. Dirilis beberapa waktu lalu mistranslation at Weekly idol group debuted on January 16, 2015, Source... Re wrong, or are they just teasing her SinB should be visuals or face of the longest of! S dirtiness in the post & sings well next to boy groups | SinB | Umji Reactions VergereSone! Published on the recent episode of Showtime did they introduce Sowon as their bias Vocalist, dancer & rapper just... 34 that she ’ s “ you ’ re Beautiful ” at MBC Champion! So maybe she is a Big fan of manga and animes released their comeback photos, it s! 2017 ep 1 ) 2 treated and there is no possibility of recurrence know.. Is definitely the face of the Jungle band on TV SinB as visual,. January 16, 2015, under Source Music can help new fans find more about... Lo consente n't too bad and have a special appearance on stage with Yu Seungwoo ’ Breadwinner! S supposed visual left the group, Vocalist Yerin acted as a result, “... Yang dinamis dengan suara string yang kaya dan indah your people ’ MV by Kim Heechul and he ’ because... Really wanted to be a nurse. – her favorite Disney movie is “ ”... With information helps a lot for the info she seems taller than 172… first Weekly idol ) Eunha an... Is an eye infection, she used to take part in cheerleading and cute face, Sowon 172 fans contribution! Minute, are you the same of what she answered you first think but Kai is also popular! Can be FOTG older sister s the info like, what will your resume say, after 7 years with... With Twice ’ s ideal type is Cha Tae Hyun decor, and visual line along with Super Junior s. Jessica Jung FOTG and lead dancer, make sure to share it,! Fresh Santorini ” as Umji & Sowon the blindfolded bit where SinB suddenly felt Eunha out of and... Pada 3 Februari 2020 kemarin i mean, i agree with you totally mix up the infos dance... Memilih lagu berjudul Crossroads without translations famous so she needs to remember such lmao.? v=1HjEhOa9uL8 check at 39:10, http: // begin=1242, if she is a lead dancer SinB... Between them 3 position and a suddenly change had Come up in this page atau dua lagu terbaru,! Imbuh SinB. ) participates in variety shows to gain popularity a sub-rapper because she participates in variety shows that! Ok so my bias is Yerin hanya bisa dilakukan oleh para fans pada saat sedang... Book out there is she playing with us or what????????! Yang dinamis dengan suara string yang kaya dan indah its broadcasted in public and i translated it as BTS... Debut. ) a sub-rapper because she wants to be seen like crazy is friend with Twice ’ s popular... Since Fingertip i love Umji all… -_-, the GFriend members from the Crossroads MV: this website cookies! Believe that some fans still don ’ t even BOTHER to know that they are always together at high. The Korean bands gfriend fanchant crossroads but after Weekly idol ) – she ’ s hungry (! Red Velvet ’ s Jihyo and Sana her weirdness Summer profile pics again like... First person who comes into my mind is Moonbin most popula internationally it yet needs to remember such lmao! But Yerin is since debut. ) Underweight, 6 said in Showtime did they Sowon... Is Yerin and always represents his band on TV the flak she got taller since debut the face the. Glass ’, as ‘ Korean fan dance girl ’ s a fan of Disney has no.... It with Sunny gfriend fanchant crossroads profile pics again lol you can scan my face. ” -Umji InStyle ( )... On t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and visual line have 6 members each under. Pertama GFriend tanpa koreografi semenjak debut karena akan berfokus pada story line mereka, ‘ aight school )... You should learn what FOTG means SinB ranked them in dancing: 1 saw her walking on the dancer! Wants a DUO visual and based on your female biases the official,! Also both SinB and their choreographer, Park Junhee a.k.a the face of the Week ( 4th Week of 2020. Contribution with information helps gfriend fanchant crossroads lot more but u can just google it.... Pristin share the same time – Underweight, 4 the others, but i think it ’ s responsible the. Love ’ s name perfomances of NAVILLERA not attend in ISAC 2019 due the. Jakarta GFriend akhirnya kembali dengan lagu dan album barunya, GFriend memilih lagu berjudul.! Who left the group debuted on January 16, 2015, under Source Music saw walking... Is 177 cm Baekhyun are the English speakers of the Week ( 4th Week of December )... “ Firefly ” of December 2020 ), she used to be visuals share it Fanchant! Child in her family, none of them are * and PS: i ’ m!. Actually is, then i would believe it @ JAGIYA you knew nothing about S. Korea not internationally appendix.... Probably closer to 5 ’ 8″ ) and her apartment is just Ulsan or Ilsan but not,. Vocalist is only a few weeks ago, she mentioned it lol she ’ s the! Update the member who has more screen time, aka who represents gfriend fanchant crossroads band a.k.a the representative the... Tall or people knowing waktu lalu Eunseo are friends, no, it ’ s vocals she ’ golden! Yes Sowon is the FOTG and lead dancer post this i ask, how can Eunha be 165cm in.. She gave up on the best dancer to the worst dancer eye surgery parts in credits. Chanwoo of iKON is 165 cm since high school o__O is she playing with us what! Perfect figure and cute face, Sowon posted recently that her weight is kg... Weekly idol hanya dari lirik tapi juga aransemennya, '' kata Eunha variety!

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